Today does not take money from developers

Today itch. Io does not take money from developers

The independent digital store celebrates its first appearance Creator's Day today, which means that until midnight tonight there will be no reduction in purchases made on its platform: the developers get it all.

"Developers, musicians and artists will receive 100% of sales after taxes and payment processor fees," said. "We hope to make it a regular event to give developers an excuse to share and promote their works."

There's no reference to other showcases in the ad, but it's a pretty clear counterpoint to Steam, which is increasing pressure from developers, publishers and other vendors for the 30% reduction it continues to have from most sales. Valve slightly reduced the amount needed for some games by the end of 2018, instead of 30% overall, now only accounting for 25% in earnings in excess of $ 10 million and 20% in revenue in excess of $ 50 million. million dollars, but that leaves out the vast majority of independent developers (the ones who would benefit most from a reduction in commissions, that is), and it shows in comparison to the 12% cut that Epic Games now has and Microsoft. takes an even more relaxed approach: its default percentage is 10%, and if developers want to leave it at all, they can. (And today they have no choice.)

To help spin the wheels, also has one Creator's Day sale page anant. From what I can tell, it’s really just a summary of things that are for sale anyway, but here are some good options: Creator's Day runs until 11:59 p.m., May 14th.

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