Todd Howard says focusing on fewer platforms would mean better games

Todd howard says focusing on fewer platforms would mean better games

Now that Bethesda is part of the Microsoft family and Starfield will be released exclusively on PC and Xbox, according to Todd Howard al Telegraph on what this means from a developmental point of view. “By focusing on these platforms, you have to rely heavily on making it the best it can be for these systems,” he said. This is not irrational, as developing for PC and Xbox means that the team will not have to make sure that their game adapts to the Playstation hardware, although Howard does not specifically mention the game console. Sony with the statement.

"Hardware definitely helps us do a lot of things with load and fidelity. But, you know, graphic fidelity is graphic fidelity. I don't want to find myself, because graphic fidelity is a barrier, you know what I mean?" "He continued. "It's really about focusing, that's what I would say. It's good to set the bar high, obviously, but it's very good to be able to focus and say that's what we're creating, and here's the bar. Often, this is only governed by the moment it is and where the hardware is. We are lucky to be able to set the bar very, very high. "

Howard’s way of talking about it definitely marks Starfield’s expectations quite high, as we haven’t seen any game material yet. But beyond the hardware capabilities (and a lot of money), partnering with Microsoft on Howard is more than just a tough space game.

“Coming back from Morrowind, every game I’ve played we’ve had a pretty deep association and we’ve developed technology together and stuff.

We thought a lot about where we wanted to go and talked for a long time with Microsoft about doing something like that. We love their platforms and really the people there. We have many deep friendships. And in the end, I think it will allow us to do the best things we’ve ever had. "Xbox & # 39; s media strategy, including the first versions of the Game Pass that can also be played in the cloud, is part of why Howard seems pleased with the Microsoft / Bethesda partnership. "We believe a lot in all the ways that Xbox and Microsoft are doing to get games to more people. Whether it's PC integration, which is huge for us, or cloud streaming and all that stuff. So I think it's about to have a long – term vision ".

With all of this in mind, his answer when asked if he’ll regret not leaving the games on the Playstation is one that stings your ears: “Well, we’re still … I’ll just say I want everyone to have the ability to play it somehow ".

Still what, Todd?

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