Total War: The latest Warhammer 2 DLC will arrive in July

Total war: the latest warhammer 2 dlc will arrive in july [/ embed]

The final DLC for the old but excellent RTS Total War: Warhammer 2 has been unveiled today as The Silence and the Fury, a package with two new legendary Lords: Taurox the Brass Bull at the helm of the returning Beastmen and the acclaimed chameleon skink Oxyotl the invisible, who will lead the lizards against them.

Taurox gains momentum as he wins battles, allowing his army to rest action points and continue: The longer his streak of deaths runs, the greater his beast powers will be. Oxyotl takes a very different approach to dealing with problems, using his mandatory skills to detect where the forces of Chaos will attack and will instantly travel through a network of lost secret shrines to deal with threats on their own terms. Ultimately, the two will lead their forces against each other in a final desperate battle in the heart of darkness.

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