Trackmania dev analyzes 15-year-old records to root cheaters

Cheating allegations are updated with some of trackmania's fastest pilots

In late May of this year, allegations of deception began to catch up with some of Trackmania's fastest names. After months of research by youtuber Wirtual and co-investigator donadigo, a video was released that contained condemnatory evidence against seven of the game's best names: including the hugely popular streamer Trackmania Riolu.

In Trackmania, the records are everything, and this research showed that the deception had lasted for more than a decade, covering several Trackmania games. You can read the full story here, but basically the cheaters had used software to "play" the game at slower speeds, allowing an entry rate that would be impossible under normal conditions (a player confessed to Wirtual via DM which used the game speeds between 40-80%).

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