Trial alleges that Capcom stole art from the photographer for Resident Evil and other games

Trial alleges that capcom stole art from the photographer for resident evil and other games

A photographer and designer has alleged in a lawsuit that Capcom games, from Devil May Cry to Resident Evil 4, used their copyrighted photos extensively as environments, textures and as a main element. of the Resident Evil 4 logo.

Judy A. Juracek is the author of a collection of her photographs, called Surfaces, first published in 1996. It comes with a CD-ROM that collects the images, but using these images for commercial projects requires paying a license. Capcom never contacted Juracek to obtain a license. Juracek has noted at least 80 photographs used as references in Capcom games through extensive documentation.

(Image credit: Judy A. Juracek)

Many of the locations and objects clearly referenced to the demand came from places where Juracek had special access or now no longer exists, such as a specific broken glass from 1990s Italy, or mansions and other architectures not open to the public.

Parts of the lawsuit are based on information from last year Capcom's ransomware attack, which leaked large amounts of internal information. The lawsuit alleges that a texture file found in the leak even had the same name as the Juracek CD-ROM.

The following images come from the lawsuit's own papers and give an idea of ​​what the allegations are like.

(Image credit: Judy A. Juracek)

(Image credit: Judy A. Juracek)

(Image credit: Judy A. Juracek)

First discovered and informed by Polygon, the lawsuit was filed in Connecticut, USA, on Friday, June 6th. A Capcom representative told Polygon that it is "up to date on demand," but has no further comment. Not commenting on an ongoing legal matter is standard in such cases.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened recently, as a Dutch filmmaker recently pointed out that a Resident Evil Village boss looks a lot like his own propeller-headed monster.

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