Tricks Coin Master. you can play in 2021

Tricks coin master you can't play without 2021

Tricks Coin MasterYou can’t play without 2021. When playing Coin Master there are some very useful tricks that you can use. Some of them are big and deserve a post of their own, like maxing out a chest or way of doing major raids. Another good trick to know and I am adding to this page.

Tricks Coin Master. How to send more than 5 trick cards per day

Trik master koin yang tidak bisa anda mainkan tanpanya

In Coin Master game, you can share cards with your Facebook friends. This is limited to 5 cards a day. The way they send more than 5 cards a day. First is changing your phone date.

After changing the date for at least 24 hours you can send 5 more cards. You can repeat it as you like. The second method is to delete the game and upload it again.

After uploading the game again, you can send 5 more cards. You can also use this Coin Master trick again.

Trik master koin yang tidak bisa anda mainkan tanpanya

If you run out of spins, you can use this trick to get more free spins. Just follow this link and you will find out all about it.

Tricks coin master – Super bet

If you have more coins in stock, you can bet higher. It works for up to 100 turns at once (200 for Bet Blast and 500 for VIPS).

This is very useful for large attack tactics. But if you use up all your spins you will be back at the maximum stake of 3 spins.

As long as you don’t play under 60 spins, you will keep the odds of spinning at your maximum bet.

Tricks coin master. Keep your pet active

If you feed your pet, it will give you extra strength for four hours. If you can’t play for 4 hours, that’s a waste of your pet.

So feed your pets if you can play long enough to fully enjoy them. There’s an extra trick here. Everyone has a pet free of charge for 15 active minutes every 24 hours.

If you only have a few minutes to play, use this! Also if available use it when you can play longer. It’s free and won’t cost you any pet food.

Tricks coin master. Buy chests at every village trick

Trik master koin

You have to buy chests in each village. Why? Because in each village they have different rare and gold cards. If you don’t get them, it will be more difficult to get them in the higher villages.

People say you have to spend at least 1 to 1.5 billion coins per village on chests.

In some villages it is even more important to stay and buy chests longer because they have more gold and rare cards. This is called a boom village.

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Advanced Tricks coin master – Play with multiple accounts

A lot of people have a second Facebook account which they use to play Coin Master. This second account is called the baby account.

People use this to get extra gold or rare cards, especially if they advance too fast on their main account and miss some rare cards or gold.

For every new account on Coin Master, you must have an additional Facebook account.

To switch between accounts, multiple people use the app cloner so they can have multiple versions of Coin Master and Facebook on the same device; others use different devices.

If you don’t need to delete the app, change the account on Facebook and reinstall Coin Master again.

Do you have any other Tricks Coin Master to share with the community?

Which tricks have you used that aren’t on this page? Please let me know in the comments. Do you think any tips are not working (anymore), let me know too!

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