Try the new Stony Peaks biome with the latest experimental 1.18 snapshot from Minecraft

Try the new stony peaks biome with the latest experimental 1. 18 snapshot from minecraft

Mojang is working hard in the second half of the massive Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update, which adds a lot of new blocks, systems, and mobs to the game. Players will be able to access these updates soon via snapshots of Minecraft, the newest Experimental snapshot 3 which introduces a completely new terrain generation system and a new mountain biome.

Experimental snapshots are a bit different from regular Minecraft snapshots, as players are more likely to encounter strange gameplay behaviors, game errors, and failures than in regular snapshots. They are a way to test Mojang features without completely breaking the game, and gaining access to early versions in exchange for trying is music to the ears of the Minecraft community.

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