Try the sleek Severed Steel high-speed shooter for free next week

Try the sleek severed steel high-speed shooter for free next week [/ embed]

We first saw the sleek shooter Severed Steel in June at Future Game Show. It follows the extremely ballistic adventures of a one-man assassin named Steel, who makes up for his relative lack of appendages with extreme speed and agility and an absolutely killer aim.

There’s a little light on the narrative: you’re “an agile, one-armed shooter on a mission” until the Steam the page comes in, but it looks like a shooting game really wow. If you’re curious, next week you’ll be able to personally test the products in a closed beta that will run from July 14-21. The beta version will include ten campaign levels and ten arcades, new mutants like "floor is lava" and "dive into the wall" and new enemies. It will also incorporate changes based on comments from the demo that was available during Steam Next Fest, including HUD changes, movement speed adjustments, and weapon balance.

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