Turn your dad's boring laundry into an arcade that starts in Arcade Paradise

Turn your dad's boring laundry into an arcade that starts in arcade paradise

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Arcade Paradise, an upcoming independent game that got a new trailer today during the Guerilla Collective broadcast, will finally let me fulfill my lifelong dream of owning an obsolete arcade in 1993.

Apparently, players can buy and install more than 30 custom arcade games (originals from Arcade Paradise, no classics here) and set such high scores that customers will play all day trying to win them. That’s a great business strategy. Of course, it doesn’t start with a fully equipped arcade. In fact, you really have the job of running your dad’s laundry (with the voice of Geralt Doug Cockle himself), but probably what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.

I have so many questions that we hope will be answered when we can finally play them, such as: are you going to spend the whole game lying to your dad about the good performance of the laundry, throwing new arcade machines in places where there are dryers? used to be? Do you manage to decorate the interior of the growing gallery, or do they manipulate it?

It seems like a big part of the game is simply about playing themselves. The few games shown in the trailer look good, but the bit-sized minigames are the least interesting of the Arcade Paradise premise. Arcade Paradise will be released sometime in 2021.

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