Twitch adds more than 350 new tags, including "transgender, black, disabled, veteran and Vtuber"

Twitch subsistence will soon cost less depending on where you live

Starting next week, Twitch streamers will have more tools to connect with their communities through the addition of more than 350 new “tags related to gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, skill, mental health and more ", as a streaming platform announced in a recent post blog post. "The tag list includes transgender, black, disabled, veteran and Vtuber, among many others."

Twitch used to be strict about tags, preferring them to be used to describe what happened to broadcasts instead of broadcasts, with tags that include achievement hunting, first game, i social food. The exception was the LGBTQIA + tag, and its success, as well as repeated requests from transgender streamers, in particular, have led Twitch to reconsider its stance. Viewers not only look for “content,” they want streamers with which they can identify and return.

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