Two new ghosts join the fasmophobia, plus the return of Dirty Water

Two new ghosts join the fasmophobia, plus the return of dirty water

Cooperative ghost hunting / simulator of horror and race documentaries found Fasmophobia has today released a big new content update, along with the announcement that the solo developer of Kinetic Games has hired two hands to help manage the runaway success that Phasmophobia has found. The early access release was a hit last year, being consistently on Steam’s bestseller list and enjoying a large Twitch viewer for several months.

The new update adds a map, the narrow, unfurnished Willow Street House, and two new ghosts. The Yokai is a grumpy ghost who doesn't like it when players talk, which can make him go hunting much earlier in the mission than other ghosts. The Hantu is something that can’t be predicted to move faster in cold rooms, but slower in warm ones, so keeping it on is vital to preserving your chances of escape. The rate of appearance of these new ghosts will triple until the next update, making it easier to see and see them again.

Also, the dreaded goal of the game's dirty water has returned, well, a bit. The goal is a fasmophobia joke because it was very difficult to complete, not because photographing a nasty-looking sink is difficult, but because the ghost so rarely did its job and filled the sink with mud. The dirty water was eliminated as a target in March, and has now been added as a daily challenge instead of a proper goal.

The new additions to Kinetic Games are a programmer and an artist, each now working on the game alongside the original developer. Last year, the solo developer of Phasmophobia said he was reconsidering his chronology of early access to the success of the game.

Rich discovered that while horror games didn’t scare him, it was an unforgettable experience. He called it fasmophobia "the best ghost game ever created".

You can find Fasmophobia on Steam and read the full update notes there.

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