Up, your first Naraka: Bladepoint game will be a bot game

Up, your first naraka: bladepoint game will be a bot game

Some of the first Steam reviews of the new Battle Royale game Naraka: Bladepoint complain that all the other players are bots. It sounds like an exaggeration, but they're not wrong, assuming they've only played one game. Your first Naraka game will definitely be against an army of AI muppets, even if you line up with a group of other humans. For whatever reason, Naraka does not communicate this to new players, some of whom reasonably assume that their first game is the typical game experience.

It is not. In my second Naraka game, I fought real players, although I still came across some robots. It looked like it was around 50/50 players and bots, but it’s hard to say. The third and fourth game I played seemed to be all or almost all humans. (There may have been a small number of robots that died early while stepping on a tree or rock. Robots are very bad at magical martial arts.)

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