Update: Renamed the latest version of PUBG Mobile to remove the reference to Hypnospace Outlaw

Update: renamed the latest version of pubg mobile to remove the reference to hypnospace outlaw

Update: The developers of PUBG Mobile contacted Jay Tholen, creator of Hypnospace Outlaw explains the situation via Twitter. Apparently, the original name of the skin in Mandarin translates to "Golden Diva" and was designed without taking into account the work of Tholen. However, "An individual from our localization team saw the images on the skin and was reminded of your game. Instead of adopting the literal translation 'Golden Diva', the decided to change the name to Hypnospace Diva, regardless of the consequences or implications of doing so. . "

The skin name will be changed and Tholen seems pleased with the answer.

Original story: Earlier this morning, the mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds announced a new Hypnospace Diva skin, with a blast of neon. This caught my eye immediately Hypnospace Outlaw creator Jay Tholen, who now accuses PUBG Mobile developer of using his work to sell a "sticky suit."

Part of the detective story, the high internet history part, Hypnospace Outlaw has a very different look that starts from the crunchy web aesthetic of the 90's. PUBG Mobile's skin can take a more generic cyberpunk approach , but with a surprisingly similar color palette at the top of the name, Tholen is sure the shooter is sprouting straight from his game.

A big part of the issue, for Tholen, is not just the use of his game name and artistic sensibility. It’s the idea that someone might confuse this with an official collaboration, linking Hypnospace to a title they consider exploitative and manipulative.

“I wouldn’t normally do much about it, but I don’t want our name to be associated with the game,” Tholen writes in a follow-up tweet. "It makes me angry that someone who already knows about Hypnospace may come across this and assume we made a deal that resulted in something so aesthetically pleasing and morally vile."

Tholen admits that as a small independent developer against Tencent, owner of PUBG Mobile, there is very little you can expect realistic in trying to change your skin. Still, he’s still exploring legal options, if for no other reason than “the guy is ugly”.

I contacted the developer of PUBG Mobile, Krafton, for comments.

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