Upgrading to Windows 11 from Win7 will require a clean install

Upgrading to windows 11 from win7 will require a clean install

There are many questions about how multiple computers can be upgraded to Windows 11. Will Windows 7 and Windows 8 users be able to upgrade? Will it be free? How is the upgrade done?

Lenovo has released the most frequently asked questions about Windows 11 (via Windows Latest) that deals with this same topic and this page reveals that Windows 7 users will only be able to upgrade to Windows 11 through a new installation. Which isn't really an upgrade. Lenovo explains:

"Most devices available for purchase will upgrade to Windows 11. You will have the option to upgrade, clean the installation, or reimagine Windows 10 devices to move to Windows 11. For Windows 7 devices that meet the hardware requirements, you will need to clean the installation or reimages to go directly to Windows 11. "

Obviously, Lenovo talks about how to upgrade the computers you bought from Lenovo, but it would be surprising if this advice wasn’t universal.

Therefore, the machine in question will still have to meet the hardware requirements for Windows 11, which may not be the case for some machines: Windows 7 was released in 2009, when Intel's impressive Nehalem architecture was fashion, however TPM 2.0 was not completed until 2014 (and you will need it for Windows 11). If you're using Windows 7, it's definitely worth running the Health PC to see if your computer can run it.

There are a lot of good things to have in Windows 11, so if you can, you’ll probably want to upgrade from Windows 7 to avoid missing out on all the fun that the UI has to offer. Although there has to be a pretty serious reason why you haven't upgraded to Windows 10 anymore, and I doubt Windows 11 will fundamentally change anything.

Installing Windows 11 from the new version is a simple procedure, although you will want to make sure you have a backup of everything you need, as a new installation will clean the machine. Installing Windows 11 shouldn't change much from the standard way of installing Windows, but we'll have to wait and see.

Windows 11 should be released before the end of the year, so be prepared to back up your computer.

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