Use your texting skills to catch a serial killer in this detective game

Use your texting skills to catch a serial killer in this detective game

I’ve never really enjoyed talking on the phone, so I’m glad that texting has almost completely replaced phone calls as a preferred option for communicating with other humans. We hope you agree, because there is a serial killer in the light, and if you want to catch them, the only way to do that is to send text messages.

Nothing to remember is an interactive fictional game that exudes a bit of the same atmosphere as Its history. But instead of typing search terms into a fragmented database, send text messages to solve the mystery. In fact, there are several mysteries, as there is a cold case to investigate and a new murder to solve. Luckily, there are many suspects as well.

You play a police detective who has been transferred from his department after being accused of illegally hacking a database while trying to prove that an accidental death was actually a murder. And now you're on the trail of a serial killer who, incidentally, provokes texts. Communication with your boyfriend, your new partner, your boss, your parents, and other characters is handled by text messaging and sometimes by sending a stray video clip or photo. Don’t write your own messages, but as conversations scroll up the screen, you can choose from different options to reply to.

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Today I played it a bit and everything goes very well: the whole game looks like a text chat board on the desktop with your various contacts and conversations in different tabs. We all know the ominous feeling of staring at the three dots on the screen that indicate someone is writing a message but doesn’t know what to say. Nothing to remember captures this feeling well, especially since it is a series of strange murders.

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