Valheim Speedrunner drops all heads in reverse order, a world first

Valheim speedrunner drops all heads in reverse order, a world first

Finally we registered with streamer and speedrunner NickRawcliffe, was tearing down all Valheim heads in less than 90 minutes. More recently, he attempted a much more grueling challenge, taking on the five bosses again, but this time … in reverse order. With a new character, NickRawcliffe first defeated Valheim's final boss, Yagluth, and then crossed the line to defeat the first boss, Eikthyr, last.

This feat took well over 90 minutes, however. It took 45 damn hours.

NickRawcliffe generously edited his 45-hour saga into a tight 15-minute narrated images that you can see below: [/ embed]

It's all the feat. Valheim is structured in such a way that defeating each boss in their usual order provides something to take on the next boss. For example, Valheim’s second boss, The Elder, gives you the key to the swamp crypts, which you must visit to gather the ten withered bones needed to summon Valheim’s third boss, Bonemass. It’s the same progression we’ve experienced in decades of video games.

How can withered bones be collected without ever entering a swamp crypt? There’s an exploit that allows you to make your way to a keyless swamp crypt, but NickRawcliffe specifically ruled out using it. Instead, he looked for chests that very rarely spawned on the surface of the swamps, and hoped that those chests would have even more rarely rotten bones. The extreme likelihood of finding a rare breast that contained a rarer bone meant searching through more than 30 swamp biomes on the map and depicting 27 full hours of NickRawcliffe's career.

27 hours. Just looking for swamps in the world and looking for chests in those swamps and looking for bones in those chests that probably weren’t there. This is dedication! There may be other words to describe it. It reminds me of WoW player to pick flowers I know.

There’s so much more to the video besides looking for bones, including some interesting strategies for defeating Yagluth and Moder before you have the kind of gear you’d have if you faced them fourth and fifth instead of first and second. Of course, the adventure ends in a bit of an anti-climax, as facing Eikthyr when he has already destroyed all the other bosses in the game … well, it's not a challenge. But after this long ordeal, I have to imagine that I still thought it was great to see the deer crash into the ground.

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