Valorant's new map aims to "rethink some ingrained design ideas" about competitive shooters

Valorant's new map aims to "rethink some ingrained design ideas" about competitive shooters [/ embed]

Valorant has shown a new map before episode 3 of act 2, which hopes to fundamentally reimagine the established ideas about the design of the game arena.

Divided between a covered jungle and a dusty desert, Fracture is in Valorant's "mirror verse" which, if Star Trek has taught me anything, is a much more fun realm where all the versions come from. evil agents of the game. The H-shaped arena causes defenders to collide in the center, between two bomb sites, with attackers able to approach from either side and cross the map quickly using fast zip lines.

In a Questions and Answers, Riot explains that he wants to rethink some design ideas rooted in Valorating with Fracture maps, questioning the role of neutral space and how positioning in the game works. The level designer, Joe Lansford, also strangely compared the configuration of map clamp attacks to, erroneously, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

“As the orcs are breaking down the doors, Aragorn and Theoden go out to find them,” Lansford explains. "Gandalf and Rohan's riders fall on the mountain on the other hand. When you're on the defensive and players A and B push around the tables and pinch the attackers, it always reminds me of that moment."

Riot has also mocked that Fracture will be the first map to include "interactive objects," though he has not detailed what that means. The maps above include things like teleporters, so I expect something a little more elaborate than gates or bridges.

The fracture comes when the September 8 Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 falls on September 8th. But the new maps aren't the only one coming to Riot's shooter. The developer is currently considering expanding its list of fake video game bands giving to Assessing K / DA treatment.

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