Valuable has 14 million monthly players, the mobile version is on its way

Valuable has 14 million monthly players, the mobile version is on its way

Today marks the anniversary of Valorant, Riot's foray into the competitive shooter scene, and the developer has announced that it has been a success. “An average of more than 14 million PC gamers worldwide log in each month to play” in the PC-only shooter and, during the first year of the game, have competed in more than half a billion games.

For comparison, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had just under 27 million players last month, so that in one year Valorant has gone halfway to match the number of players in a series that has existed for more than two decades (Counter-Strike was created in 1999 and has seen several iterations: CS: GO is the latest and published in 2012). For any metric that is true.

Riot also marked the occasion by announcing Valorant Mobile, albeit without any details. This would make it one of the only competitive FPS with a mobile version (which is not a real battle).

"One of our main goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community and show them that Valorant will always stand up for the foundations of a truly valuable competitive shooter," said Anna Donlon. , executive producer of the game. This is an issue with Riot’s public statements about the game: forever emphasizing the perceived distinction between herself as a public developer and the more reluctant Valve, guardian of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In this sense, Valorant also seems healthy as a sport. Riot says that the last match of the Valiant Champions Tour last week, between Sentinels and Fnatic, in Reykjavík, attracted more than a million simultaneous spectators and a "half-minute audience". whatever, of more than 800,000.

The anniversary will be a month-long celebration within the game, with players receiving various "digital commemorative swags", including a free event pass, and it all starts today. Valuable was PC Gamer's the best multiplayer game of 2020, and has set such a high bar that Counter-Strike has been taking note.

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