Valve explains how removable Steam libraries will work on Steam Deck

Valve explains how removable steam libraries will work on steam deck

In a video with IGN, the Valve team has delved into the details of the Steam Deck hardware. We found some interesting news, such as the claim that Valve has not found any games that Steam Deck can't handle, but also how Steam Deck will handle removable storage via SD cards. [/ embed]

Valve broke down how the device’s new SteamOS 3.0 operating system supported dynamically removable Steam libraries from SD cards, although it would still run games as if they were in internal storage on hand. Depending on the Steam Deck SKU you get, investing in a rugged SD may be the best route for users to make sure users can play all of their favorite Steam games.

Valve has already said that there are no limits on the size of the SD card you use for Steam Deck, so it’s interesting to see its focus on removable storage.

Valve also recognizes the performance difference when running a game from an SD card instead of the Steam Deck Fast M2. NVMe SSD, especially in the 256 GB and 512 GB models. Valve said they spent a lot of time optimizing the system to play from the SD card.

But not all SD cards are created equal, so we can assume that the better the SD card, the better for optimal charging times, so keep that in mind when looking for one.

Valve hardware engineer Yazn Aldenhayyat shared some anecdotal test results among staff who used SD cards on the Steam Deck:

"Obviously, every game is different and every access pattern is different, but in the end I think our point of reference for that was to give it to the whole bunch of people, to use the SD card and see what the reaction is, and I think the overwhelming reaction was that using the SD card was a fantastic experience and they considered it comparable, not so good, but comparable to using the external truck ”.

Valve is also looking to preload software games on SD cards from different devices in the future, which would save a huge amount of time. At the moment, the installation and management of games in removable storage can only be done on the device itself using SteamOS.

One of the unanswered questions is the performance of games on other platforms, such as Epic and Origin, on SD cards? If Steam Deck can automatically fill your Steam library when you connect a new card, what if you have an Epic exclusive? We won't know until we get our hands on it and do some real-world real-world testing.

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