Valve is aimed at 30 fps for native resolution Steam Deck games

Valve is aimed at 30 fps for native resolution steam deck games

Deck developer Pierre-Loup Griffais has detailed that Valve is targeting 800p and 30Hz for games running on the new Steam Deck laptop. Valve has been slowly feeding information about the new Steam Deck, through its best IGN outbreaks, over the past week and has recently posted a lot of information about key hardware in the center of the device.

In addition to detailing the process and performance of having part of your game library sitting on an SD card, and the fact that Valve has yet to find a game that the Deck can't handle, the key people in the Steam Deck project have talked a little more about the actual performance of the device.

Thanks to the operation of the latest AMD APU, a quad-core Zen 2 CPU with an 8 CU RDNA 2, Valve believes it has enough power in the device to cope with the rigors of modern gaming, albeit at a level of 30 fps. And it seems that the current trends towards high resolution and fps games are really helping.

"If people continue to value high frame rates and high resolutions on different platforms," ​​says Griffais, "I think the content will be reduced to our 800 p, 30 Hz target." [/ embed]

Although he issues a cautionary note on what can happen to people who want to promote image quality, he notes that "we could be in a position where we could have compensation, but we haven't seen it yet."

And while it hasn’t seen existing games that Steam Deck can’t handle, Valve is also confident of performance in the future.

"I think an important factor is that we're using AMD's state-of-the-art GPU," says hardware engineer Yazan Aldehayyat. "We are using a new generation AMD CPU, even the memory itself, we are using LPDDR5, which is completely new to the industry. I think we could be one of the first products to showcase this new memory technology. without providing us with much future evidence. "

Aldehayyat also continues to talk about other systems that use the same architecture and could be talking about the RDNA 2 optimizations that are being done for the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5 systems that will also help Steam Deck.

"We are not the only people with this architecture," he says, "any user who has it and any developer of optimization games who make for this new architecture will also be passed on to all system manufacturers. So I think that we are in a great place ".

There is also the possibility that Aldehayyat is talking about other potential system manufacturers that can build, built around the same APU AMD & # 39; Van Gogh & # 39; and Valve's SteamOS 3.0 operating system.

The big boss, Gabe Newell, has talked about wanting the Steam Deck will open a new product category, “which could have long-term benefits” for Valve as a company, after all.

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