Valve is creating a Steam Deck API so developers can quickly optimize games

One of steam deck's "terrifying prototypes" was called "ugly baby"

Whatever your way of looking at it, Steam Deck is not your ordinary gaming setup. That’s why Valve tells us that it’s planning a developer tool that will make optimizing your Deck handheld PC games a little easier.

There will be an API that game developers can call to say: & # 39; s this Steam Deck? If so, use this setting. "

Our own Wes Fenlon flew to Valve HQ this week to have hands-on experience with his new handheld PC. While there, he spoke with a member of the Steam Deck team, designer Lawrence Yang, about optimizing the game for the device, specifically asking if Valve would offer an auto-optimization feature similar to the one in the Nvidia GeForce Experience control panel.

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