Valve is getting more feedback on the Steam Deck update and its spare parts

Gabe wants other pc makers to create their own steam decks

Since Valve announced the Steam Deck handheld PC, questions have been popping up quickly and quickly. There has been a lot of speculation about spare parts, along with whether or not any of the components of the Deck can be upgraded.

Speaking with Valve product designers Tucker Spofford and Greg Coomer, we found that the company is almost ready to reveal more on the subject.

"They ask us questions about upgrading components and spare parts. For example, 'can I unmount it? “We’ll start answering those questions,” Coomer says. "Actually, there's a pretty nuanced set of answers around all of these things, because of a lot of details that have to do with what happens when you disassemble it, what are all the compensations for the components that we have? selected ".

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All it basically means is that there are some technical, practical, and probably safety considerations that need to be nailed down before any word comes out to the public.

"We're about to announce all of these things, rather, we're going to talk about all of these things," Coomer continues, "in a way that we hope will include all of this nuance, so that people can understand it more fully. ".

With the Steam Deck being reminiscent of a desktop PC in many ways, it seems almost logical to assume a level of customization, updating, or at least some form of interchangeable parts. However, we already know that it may be possible to replace the SSD on your Deck Valve has suggested that you probably shouldn’t.

Swapping pieces is what we do as PC gamers, why shouldn’t a console for PC gamers work the same way?

Valve's steam deck with hades ready to launch on screen

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But Valve’s console design, which has packaged its small AMD component masterpiece, has filled me with doubts about this front; it just doesn’t look at all customizable. After all, modern laptops for low-speed gaming hardly allow you to approach them with a screwdriver, so it should come as no surprise that something even smaller maybe not either.

On the surface, the Steam Deck is nothing like the Nintendo Switch interchangeable controllers, for example, and with so many companies currently not wanting to face our right to repair, it’s been hard to imagine Valve encouraging us to take our Steam Decks aside.

But there seems to be more to say on this front about the new handheld PC.

“There are three components we want to talk about especially,” mocks Coomer. "Things related to inches, things related to batteries and things related to SSD storage."

That’s all we got out of it on the subject. We can't say if this means that the previous three will end up being interchangeable or if Valve is preparing to let us down for security reasons.

Or if he says, go, nerds, don’t come to us when everything goes wrong.

All we can say is that everything should be clear in the near future when Valve prepares to open and we hope it will also give us the go-ahead to "open" our Steam Decks. See this space for more details.

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