Valve Launches $ 1 Million Art Contest for New Counter-Strike Skins

Valve launches $ 1 million art contest for new counter-strike skins

A "finish" is the official CS: GO terminology for a skin: as defined in, "They can be applied to a weapon and that weapon will look like it goes from the new factory to the battle scar." The finishes can be just about anything, from solid colors to literal fire, and if you have a great idea to make a new one, Valve might give you a lot of money.

He $ 1 million dream and nightmare content contest announced today offers ten $ 100,000 prizes each for "original and shipable finishes with dream themes" for CS: GO. The complete rules are here, but the basics are simple: you can work alone or as a team, the work submitted must be completely original and all you need to operate is a Steam account in good condition and with at least $ 5 in registration purchases.

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