Valve says there are "many opportunities" around different colors for future Steam Decks

Valve says there are "many opportunities" around different colors for future steam decks

The upcoming Steam Deck laptops could end up with a lot more colors than black and white. On a recent trip to Valve HQ, we had a chat with product designers Tucker Spofford and Greg Coomer, and we were given some information about how much thought goes into choosing the next color. Steam Deck machine.

“There was a lot of debate,” Spofford tells us.

"And also a really fun exploration around these things," he tells Coomer. "And even discussions like, we can have them lots of of colors? & # 39; We had all these discussions. Now we still have them. " [/ embed]

It’s unclear if this means we’ll see multicolored steam covers with pride themes. I’m hoping to keep in mind that talking about color options doesn’t seem to have run out yet.

At launch, the Deck will only come in black, mostly because it’s much easier to make a single version of hardware than a very different one.

“It’s basically like something logistical,” Coomer explains. "Having a lot of SKUs on the market is a lot trickier. There really isn't a better reason than this for now."

But that doesn’t mean we won’t get our multi-colored covers in the future, especially if it’s the success Valve believes it has in its hands. “We could do a lot more with that in the future,” he continues. "If this happens the way we hope it will, there are only so many opportunities to do it later."

The opening phrase “fun exploration” leads me to imagine a series of Steam Decks with some pretty immense tracks, honestly. I guess so, but we'll have to wait and see if a new revelation arrives and when. Although any change in the pure black color will not be made until well after the initial release.

There could be subtle pastels or something more vibrant, maybe even patterned covers, but at least we’re predicting a more exciting range than black and white for future iterations of the Deck. Hopefully they won’t hit us with black and white disguised as funny names either. Like “White Stormtrooper” or something, it’s still white with black accents, buddy.

I’ll be looking for an orange-valve steam platform, at the very least, because then I can call it my Orange box.

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