"Various" SteamWorld games are currently being developed

"various" steamworld games are currently being developed

Image & Form has announced that it is working on "several new SteamWorld games," as well as a future name change following its merger with Thunderful Development.

Although Image & Form has not announced how many SteamWorld games are coming, a ResetEra publication has pointed to a 2020 Thunderful financial report. It suggests at least four new games in operation, all scheduled for release around 2022 and 2023. There aren't any SteamWorld games in development either, but some cheeky tweet replies suggestion that SteamWorld Dig 3 be one of them.

The study also clarified their relationship with Thunderful Development, with the two merging completely in 2020 after being under the Thunderful Group since 2017.

"Image & Form teams have been part of Thunderful for a long time," says the study. "While we are no longer a separate studio from Thunderful, you can count on quality games from the same people (and new faces) for years to come."

It was also confirmed that the merged studios would work under a new name at some point in the future, with a follow-up tweet saying "a name change will come! We will announce the new manager then".

The last SteamWorld game to be released was back in 2019 when SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech came out on Steam. SteamWorld Dig 2 is without a doubt the most popular Image & Form game in the series, which we named one of the best independent PC games.

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