VVVVVV gets its first update in seven years and is a big one

Vvvvvv gets its first update in seven years and is a big one

In early 2020, gravity platform programmer VVVVVV celebrated the tenth anniversary of its release through open source. This meant that the source code was published Github, where anyone with an interest could download it and mess it up almost in any way they deem appropriate. And as a direct result of this, the first update of VVVVVV in seven years is already active.

The full log of changes to VVVVVV 2.3, "the first community-developed version of the game," is very large. You can get an abbreviated version of all changes here, but these are the highlights.

  • An obscene number of bug fixes, especially with regard to undefined C / C ++ behavior
  • Framerate without limits
  • Game timer compatibility
  • Improved graphics options
  • Great giant middleware update, including SDL 2.0.16 and updated Wayland support
  • A large number of features for level creators

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