Warframe achieves cross-exchange and savings on all platforms and reaches mobile

Warframe achieves cross-exchange and savings on all platforms and reaches mobile

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After years of fans asking for it, Warframe is finally getting cross-game and wild cross-game, which means the player base will no longer be separated by the console they play on. This also means that Warframe console updates (starting with the release of The New War later this year) will occur simultaneously with the PC update. In addition, Digital Extremes is also working on a mobile version of Warframe.

Unveiled during the main presentation of TennoCon 2021, Warframe’s cross-save and cross-game functionality will allow players to take their account from one platform to another and also combine with other players on any console.

This is really huge. While cross-gaming and cross-rescue have become a more common feature in gaming, it was never guaranteed that Warframe would have one either. In 2019, creative director Steve Sinclair explained which was one of the “most risky things” Digital Extremes could do.

Sinclair hinted that the challenge not only consisted of Warframe and its sometimes very varied expansions, but also implied that there were problems in negotiating cross-platform games with the same platforms. Although Sinclair never made a name for himself, Sony has been infamously resistant to letting Xbox and Nintendo gamers join PlayStation users.

Now, everything seems to be a debatable point, as cross-play is on its way. As a longtime Warframe player, this is amazing news. While I usually play on PC, having the option to play Warframe on my Switch while I’m on vacation or on the Xbox from the comfort of my living room couch is amazing. And while I can't imagine playing Warframe on my phone will compare, it's good that I could sign in and end up with less intensive tasks, like selling items in the player-managed market or just playing with my versions.

It’s also great to be able to play with my friends regardless of the platform. "The community is incredibly important to us and opening up Cross Play and Cross Save is just one of the many efforts we will make to bring together more players, including expanding Warframe's fast-paced, fast-paced combat experience to others. global gaming platforms ". Sheldon Carter, COO of Extremes, said in a press release.

Nothing is known yet when the feature will be ready, but Digital Extremes says it is working to finish the feature. This is just one of the big announcements of the Warframe 2021 TennoCon fan festival. Stay tuned as we will have more as the presentation continues.

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