Warner Bros. denies reports that NetherRealm and TT Games are on sale

Warner bros. Denies reports that netherrealm and tt games are on sale

In March, AT&T announced a $ 43 billion deal to separate WarnerMedia and merge it with Discovery to create a "leading, independent global entertainment company" aimed at competing with networks such as Netflix and Disney +. As part of this process, it was said that some parts of the game publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment would be sold, although no details were provided as to which parts would remain and which would go.

More recently, however, WBIE confirmed that two of its establishment’s best-known studios, NetherRealm and TT Games, are not on the street. After a report from the Xbox Two podcast, who claimed to have seen documents indicating that both studios were no longer "within reach" of future Warner operations and were therefore among the studios that were hanging from potential buyers, a spokesman for WBIE TheGamer which was simply not true.

“I can confirm that NetherRealm Studios and TT Games will continue to be part of Warner Bros. Games, and they are all included in the Warner Media Discovery merger,” the rep said.

WBIE is home to about a dozen studios in total: along with NetherRealm and TT Games, there are Monolith, Avalanche, Rocksteady, Playdemic and WB Games studios in San Diego, Boston, Montreal, San Francisco and New York.

Both NetherRealm Studios and TT Games have had considerable success in recent years: NetherRealm is well known as the developer of the Mortal Kombat and Injustice fighting games, while TT has earned praise for its licensed Lego games based on Star Wars. Harry Potter, Batman, and other licenses. Recently delayed Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga out of its long-awaited spring 2021 release window – no new date has been set yet – while NetherRealm said earlier this month that it is now finished with Mortal Kombat 11 and is working on his next project, extensively. it is assumed (or at least expected) that it would be injustice 3.

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