Warzone snorts from the goal of the cargo truck

Warzone snorts from the goal of the cargo truck

The last patch by Call of Duty: Warzone points to the goal of cargo trucks that has dominated its solo mode for months. Essentially, cargo trucks are … well, they’re trucks. They can absorb tons of fire, there are a lot of them, so players have chosen, by surprise, to try to run over their opponents instead of fighting them: the result is that the end of matches becomes a kind of destruction derby between several trucks instead of a shootout.

The patch notes say that cargo truck generation rates in Verdansk, in solo BR mode, have been reduced from a range of 16 to 20 to five per game. “At Solos, players don’t feel like unloading a considerable amount of their resources to eliminate cargo trucks, which would often result in a significant number in the final circles,” writes developer Raven Software.

"The game that followed allowed players to circumvent traditional commitments and created a crutch that placed less emphasis on the final positioning of the game and the game of weapons. A substantial reduction in the number of cargo trucks in Solos will that reducing them throughout the game is a feasible and attractive option given their considerably reduced presence on the map. "

Raven had previously mocked the change.

The public in the war zone, known for its calm and collected approach to the problems of the game, has been using crackers on cargo trucks for many months: no less important because, in addition to its impact on the game alone, it also there were several bugs that resulted in static vehicles falling and / or killing players. This has also been addressed: "Fixed a bug where vehicles could crash or kill teammates."

Warzone’s most famous player, Dr. Disrespect, has been lamenting about them for years, so at least he’ll be happy.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFtElrGTQMA [/ embed]

Other elements of the patch include a smaller nerve in the CR-56 AMAX, one of the assault rifles that tends to dominate. It has had a slight reduction in head damage, although the interesting amount of information here is Raven’s ambition to make weapons in general a little less deadly: “As we continue our efforts to slowly increase the Time to kill, we feel the best course of action here is to reduce the power level of outliers instead of increasing others to achieve it. "

Interestingly, just a few weeks ago AMAX was affected by an entire point of damage. I guess that wasn't enough!

These are interesting times for Warzone, especially since Activision has taken the banhammer seriously against the most nasty elements of its mass audience. The full notes of the patch are here.

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