Watch a cinematic movie of the new Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

Watch a cinematic movie of the new warhammer 40,000: kill team

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If you want to immerse your feet in the world of Warhammer 40,000 desktop, but aren’t ready to buy and paint a full army of Warhammer, the Skirmish Kill Team is a great alternative. As revealed in the action-packed movie trailer, which was expanded to the latter Warhammer live preview, Kill Team is about to get an update with new rules and a new set of boxes.

Kill Team: Octarius will come with plastic miniatures for the two teams that can be brutally murdered to pieces in this trailer, the Death Korps of Krieg (imperial veterans with gas masks) and Ork Kommandos (ork specialists who are a little more cunning than usual), as well as lands representing orc ruins. The box also includes a 30 "by 22" game board, dice, combat indicators and tokens, 54 tactical trading cards and two rulebooks.

As for how the rules change, this has not yet been revealed. Kill Team is expected to break away from the rules of Warhammer 40,000 and approach the other war game of the Games Workshop beetle, Age of Sigmar: Warcry, although it’s probably not as simplified as that.

The Octarius scenario links this box with the upcoming Warhammer 40,000 campaign book, which will detail a war in the Octarius sector between the orc empire that has ruled it for millennia and a fleet of tyrannical hives diverted there by a rogue inquisitor. . The conflict runs the risk of spreading to the rest of the galaxy, so the Imperium is involved in an attempt to contain it. The prospect of a good biff attracts more orks and there are new models for their giant beasts along the way (I'm partial to what looks like a piece of land).

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It will be interesting to see if this story from the upcoming campaign will be reflected in any of the video games. There are precedents: Battlefleet Gothic: Navy 2 dealt with the fall of Cadia, the upcoming strategy game Battlesector will be set up after the Baal Devastation, and the upcoming co-operative shooter Darktide will apparently also link to current events in a broader setting. of 40K.

He Kill Team: Octarius box game will be available to pre-order in August and will only be available "until stocks run out". If you’re already a 40,000-mile player who just wants to get the miniatures, they’ll be sold separately later, so you won’t have to buy the whole box, and then try to whip up the pieces you don’t want. eBay.

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