Watch a trailer for King & # 39; s Bounty 2 's second playable character, Katharine

Watch a trailer for king & # 39; s bounty 2 's second playable character, katharine [/ embed]

As is traditional with the King & # 39; s Bounty series, in King & # 39; s Bounty 2 you can choose from three characters to lead your army while fighting for the fantastic land of Nostria: a warrior, a magician or a paladin. We've already seen the warrior, Aivar, and the paladin is yet to arrive, but 1C Entertainment has revealed the wizard, named Katharine, in the top trailer.

According to Katharine's background story, "He spent more than 20 years away from Nostria, traversing the ruins of the dragon and the remains of the ancient Antis, seeking knowledge and arcane magic. However, when Katharine stops receiving taxes he needs to fund his expeditions and mystic.investigation that finds out that his nephew, Maurice, has seized his county.Indignant about this, he goes to the Universal Assembly to demand his return. of his power to the king … "

King's Bounty 2 combines turn-based combat for which the series is known, where the commander is on the sidelines casting spells, arrows, and spirits, while armies of golems, archers, and non-combatants real, with an over-the-shoulder RPG. There are parallel queries with NPCs to talk to, puzzles to solve. You can even get off the horse.

Tom Sykes arrived preview of King's Bounty 2 last week. He wrote: "I was scratching my head about what I did to his peculiar gender collision. The combat is reflective, an expansion of a solid battle system that makes heavy use of new funds. 3D, although curiously it feels separate from the game's exploration phase. "

King's Bounty 2 will be available on the day Steam and the Epic games store on August 24th, he probably won't let you marry a frog, as King's Bounty: The Legend recalled.

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