Watch Dogs was a Driver game, until Ubisoft decided it wanted its own GTA

Watch dogs was a driver game, until ubisoft decided it wanted its own gta

PC Gamer contributor Jeremy Peel has one excellent function in the VG247, all about how the game that would become Watch Dogs began life as an ambitious reboot of Ubisoft's much-lost Driver series. The last entry was Driver: San Francisco from 2011 (seen in the header image), which I thought was a big laugh but unfortunately couldn’t sell in large quantities. Since then, the driver’s engine has been dormant.

The Driver project that would become Watch Dogs was in development at Ubisoft Montreal at about the same time as Driver: San Francisco was ending at Ubisoft Reflections. Reflections was the long-time developer of the series, while for Montreal it was a first shot and the ambition was to give Driver a new and ambitious shape.

"It was always modern," an Ubisoft source told Peel. "It had walking, parkour, combat and driving, all set in a big open world city, and the main hook was always modern technology and piracy. After a while trying to get this concept to fit. in the Driver franchise, the decision was made to turn it into its own new IP. "

Watch dogs.

(Image credit: Ubisoft)

This embryonic driver, it seems, was so early that the cars had no textures, but the problem was not so much how the drive and the city were being set up, but to what extent the technology and the elements of piracy the they moved away from the Driver concept. Of course, this change is not unusual in the development of a large budget, perhaps the most famous example is Obisoft’s Golden Goose Assassin’s Creed, which began its life as the rebirth of the Prince of Persia.

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