"We will not return to silence": Activision-Blizzard employees back Bobby Kotick's statement

"we will not return to silence": activision-blizzard employees back bobby kotick's statement

Activision Blizzard employees participating today work stoppage have issued a statement that while they are "satisfied" with the change in the tone of the company, last night's CEO Bobby Kotick's statement "does not address the critical elements at the heart of the employee concerns ".

The contest, announced yesterday, is a protest against Activision Blizzard's response to a lawsuit filed last week alleging widespread discrimination, sexual harassment and a "frat frat" culture in the company. After nearly a week of silence, Kotick said yesterday that his company's initial response to the lawsuit, in which Frances Townsend, a compliance officer, dismissed the allegations as "a false and false image of (Activision Blizzard) , including factually incorrect, old and out of context stories, some from more than a decade ago "—era"frankly to deaf", according to Kotick. It also promised an immediate review of the company's policies and procedures and investigations into all claims of misconduct. Activision Blizzard has offered free time for all employees involved in the test.

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