What the hell is going on with these new Halo 3 armor?

What the hell is going on with these new halo 3 armor?

I'm very fond of the artistic style of Halo 3, especially when it comes to multiplayer armor designs. The game manages to instill personality in your faceless marine space through relatively simple shapes and themes, painted in bright colors and bold with strong silhouettes.

I say this only after seeing that the next season of The Master Chief Collection will allow you to fight like an armored Skeletor, as revealed in a Halo Waypoint blog post Last night.

An armored skeleton knight, from halo

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

As art director Horia Dociu explains, Halo has always operated in ancient martial terms such as Spartan, Mjolnir, Valhalla, etc. It’s not very important to turn Halo into For Honor, especially considering that the base game already had a samurai-inspired suit with flaming helmets and a functionally useless katana tied to the back.

"Halo is about the mythical warriors of the future, so what better way to reinforce fantasy than to permeate the armor of the legendary visuals that have resonated for centuries in our own history of legendary warriors?"

And yet, yes. It could be one demonstrated by nostalgia, but Dociu concisely sums up the existing aesthetic of Halo 3 through a Master Chief tank-like design ("green metal armor, a large firearm and even a windshield"). ). It’s an appearance that stretches across the blackboard of all Halo 3 cosmetics designed by Bungie, and that will make it look baffling when someone rolls into High Ground with the look that just completed a World of Attack level. Warcraft.

A diffusion of conceptual art for the new halo armor

(Image credit: 343 Industries)

The weird sets of armor aren't the only thing coming to Halo when season 8 launches soon. This week, 343 releases a new map for Halo 3 (a remake of Halo 2 & # 39; s Turf), some new infectious changes to ODST Firefight, and a number of smaller, nicer changes that include bringing Halo 1 and 3 to the browser. of custom games. and more accessibility options.

They’re the kind of changes I want to see in a nostalgia-driven collection like the MCC. But no matter how elaborate these new armor designs are, they are not Halo. Not for me, at least.

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