Why has no one played a roguelike golf game in purgatory so far?

Why has no one played a roguelike golf game in purgatory so far?

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Chuhai Labs has announced the next Cursed to Golf and features one of the most exciting trailers I’ve seen in a while. This is a game where the concept is instantaneous. Get a bunch of setups: You’re a golfer killed in a weird accident just when you were about to make the winning shot in a tournament and now you have to get out of golf purgatory to return to the land of the living and win this trophy. I had the golfer tbh.

As expected, it is more difficult to analyze exactly what kind of game it is. The core is 2D golf in and around ridiculously alien risks that can get the ball out, with various powers that alter the properties of the ball and a PAR goal that must be met in each field. The courses are procedurally generated to be "full of crazy obstacles like high power fans, spikes, TNT boxes, teleporters and a whole lot more" according to the game's Steam page (there will be four biomes on the throw), and your golfer can use various cards to manipulate the ball around these environments – like this little portal.

The golfer shoots a ball through a portal to hit a target.

(Image credit: Chuhai Labs)

At the top is a layer of RPG-lite characters and the story of your dead golf man, in which you are taught to practice legendary dead caddies and apparently stay at the Eterni-tee club. The charm comes from Purgatory Golf, even if your character doesn't want to get stuck there.

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