Why hold on to a small PC screen when this huge 48-inch OLED TV is the ideal Prime Day game monitor?

Why hold on to a small pc screen when this huge 48-inch oled tv is the ideal prime day game monitor?

The nicely sized 48-inch LG CX OLED 4K TV, also known as one of the best PC gaming TVs, is on sale for $ 1,300 at Best Buy, with a $ 200 discount for its retail price. While not as big as the 77-inch model (of course, $ 300 off), the 48-inch model is still pretty good for anyone ambitious enough to put on the desktop to replace the its tiny game monitor.

In our review of the LG CX, we called it the new gold standard for OLED games and we still hold that claim. This 48-inch OLED TV is the perfect TV for PC gaming. In addition, it was the first LG TV to support 4K resolution at 120Hz with G-Sync and FreeSync compatibility. While more premium TVs with 4K / 120Hz support have arrived, last year's LG CX 48 OLED TV is still in competition for its magnificent picture quality and deep blacks.

Of course, to take advantage of what the CX has to offer, you need to make sure your gaming platform has the best GPU for the job; is a good choice if you manage to get a new graphics card or one of these new luxury consoles. And if you’re one of those unfortunate souls still waiting on a video card, you can enjoy streaming good-looking 4K HDR content while queuing up for Netflix.

Remember that the ability to record is possible with OLED TVs, which happens if the same image stays on the screen for too long. An easy solution is to set a screen saver every 45 minutes or turn off the screen when you are not using it so that it is on the safe side. Still, that shouldn't stop you from throwing away your old, shitty TV and replacing it with this bad guy.

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LG CX OLED | 77 inches | 4K | webOS | $ 3,299.99 $ 2,999.99 at Best Buy (save $ 300)
Identically as far as the 48-inch features are concerned, except that this model is 77 inches of purely comic 4K OLED gaming happiness. Forget about putting it on a desk or even on a TV stand; mount this beast on the wall like a work of art and enjoy its glory. See offer

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