Why some Overwatch casters have stopped saying McCree's name during games

Why some overwatch casters have stopped saying mccree's name during games

McCree, with his deep-rooted personality and a trusted choice, is one of Overwatch's most recognized heroes. This has created an awkward riddle due to the fact that McCree is named after a former Blizzard developer, Jesse McCree, who is linked to the famous "Cosby Suite" mentioned in lawsuit for sexual harassment and discrimination against Activision Blizzard. With many members of the Overwatch community calling for McCree’s name to be changed, some of the Overwatch League pitchers have found their own solution: refuse to use it completely.

As reported by Kotaku, Fans noticed during a recent game that Overwatch League pitchers Brennon & # 39; Bren & # 39; Hook and Josh & # 39; sideshow & # 39; Wilkinson, set aside saying "McCree" while commenting on matches, instead of referring to him as "the cowboy." After fans started pointing it out, said another Overwatch launcher, Mitch & # 39; Uber & # 39; Leslie supported the idea.

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