With the latest additions to the arsenal, ASUS ROG keyboards have become serious competitors

With the latest additions to the arsenal, asus rog keyboards have become serious competitors

ASUS ’Republic of Gamers brand has long been offering tech enthusiasts computer parts to drool over, and with its latest products, ROG is delving even deeper. Two new ROG keyboards, the ROG Claymore II and the ROG Falchion, will shake things up on your desktop with the high-end specs you ask for, as well as some special tricks up your sleeve.

Keyboards have not been a major part of ROG's product offerings in the past. But ROG Claymore II and ROG Falchion prove that ROG is not about catching up. These keyboards include some of the technologies you’ll expect, such as RGB lighting and the N key switch, but ROG also shows new technology.

Asus rog claymore ii

(Image credit: Asus)

The ROG Claymore II is the new star of the show. The core is the new, custom-made ROG RX switches. These have been designed from the ground up for a consistent, high-performance experience. ROG RX switches can provide you with more sensitive control with a depth of action of 1.5 mm (compare this to the 2 mm operating point of Cherry MX Red). The switches also have a square stem and a scissor-type stabilizer that prevents the key from swinging, so each press is smooth and linear. Finally, since the switches are really optical, instead of relying on traditional mechanical contacts, there is no debate, so pressed keys are recorded much faster.

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