Work on the Apex Legends cross progression has slowed down thanks to recent hacks

Work on the apex legends cross progression has slowed down thanks to recent hacks

Since the season 9 of Apex Legends began a few months ago, the free-to-play battle royale has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. But, as with any popular competitive game, more general attention has also attracted more potential pitfalls. The recent influx of nefarious players and DDoS attacks has become so disruptive to Apex that it affects the development of a rather large planned feature: cross-progression.

According to Apex Legends gaming director Chad Grenier, work on cross-progression has slowed as a direct result of Apex and Titanfall's recent problems with hackers. To answer in a tweet seeking an update on cross-progression, Grenier said: "In development, although recent Apex and TF hackers have slowed the progress of it as we change context to solve problems. of live games ".

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