World of Warcraft: Big Shadowlands Dominance Chain Update to Be Released on June 29

World of warcraft: big shadowlands dominance chain update to be released on june 29

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We've been waiting a long time for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands to update Chains of Domination. “It sucks that the next big World of Warcraft update feels so far away,” our Warcrafter resident said shortly after it was revealed in February. But it’s not that far off: Blizzard announced today that Chains of Domination will continue live June 29th.

Chains of Domination will open a new subzone in The Maw called Korthia, City of Secrets and, thanks to an invasion of the four Covenants, players will be able to use their mounts and (somehow) disable the Jailer's Eye, granting them more time exploring the area every day. There will be new story missions and a Covenant campaign, a new eight-headed mega-dungeon, and a new ten-headed The Sanctum of Domination raid, including Sylvanas Windrunner.

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