World of Warcraft players protest at the game against Activision Blizzard

World of warcraft players protest at the game against activision blizzard

World of Warcraft players are gathering for hundreds of games to protest Activision Blizzard after the state of California filed a lawsuit against the company for operating a workplace full of sexual harassment, gender discrimination and “ culture of the brother boys ”. Players from both factions have gathered in the town of Oribos, where hundreds are sitting quietly on the stairs leading to their inn, discussing the lawsuit or expressing anger and dismay at the allegations.

Although the protest seems to have spread to other servers, it was initially organized by the Role Guild. Close Macabre to the Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord servers. The guild also raises money for Black Girls Code, a non-profit organization that helps women of color enter technology industries. Fence Macabre has already raised $ 3,500.

(Image credit: Blizzard)

The overwhelming feeling is one of solidarity and intense care for the victims and survivors of Activision Blizzard abuse.

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