World War III, the "toughest battlefield," returns from the dead

World war iii, the "toughest battlefield," returns from the dead

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We said in late 2018 that World War III, a modern multiplayer military shooter developed by The Farm 51, is “a tougher battlefield”. It wasn’t a flawless experience, but it also spent a few weeks at Early Access at the time and, in the opinion of our internal shooter expert Morgan, offered a promising pre-launch experience.

Development progressed rapidly over time, with new content and free weekends to attract new players and keep them close, until June 2020, when the studio announced a new partnership with Warface publisher My.Games and stopped sales of the game at Steam before a planned renovation and relaunch. At that moment, it almost fell off the radar and the attention of The Farm 51 seemed to shift focus to the nearby Stalker-like Chernobylite.

But it turns out that, in fact, work has continued on World War III, and today the studio has released a new video, the first in more than a year, showing everything that has changed. Maps have been updated to make them more navigable and "interesting," some motion and weapon animations have changed, and areas have been "greatly renewed to meet modern military standards."

The movement system has also been revised to allow players to "do a double sprint", climb, jump over obstacles, slide and lean, and there are a range of new weapon customization options. and characters, interface enhancements to aid navigation, detect enemies, and of course a kill camera.

Taken as a whole, the update gives the impression that The Farm 51 may be moving away from the "hard" approach of the game, but the study said it remains committed to striking a balance between realism and accessibility.

“One of our goals with World War III is to provide realistic simulations with a totally enjoyable experience,” he says in the video. "We call this 'playable realism': game features that enhance credibility and immersion, without hindering fun."

The announcement comes on the same day that a major report is made on the next real one Battlefield game, which is a strangely casual (and probably unfortunate) moment. Still, it’s good to see that the wheels of World War Three keep spinning, and hopefully we’ll be able to convince Morgan to come back in and see how it goes. Unfortunately, there is still no indication as to when it will be able to do so: no date has been set for the resumption of World War III sales on Steam. The Farm 51 said more information about the game’s progress will be shared over the coming months.

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