Wow! Finally you can pretend to put on your socks

Wow! Finally you can pretend to put on your socks

I love a good demonstration of technology. Unreal Engine They're always awesome, but they're not as hilarious as SIGGRAPH's annual preview technical videos, which showcase a collection of the most promising computer graphics research projects of the year. And you've never binged episodes of How is it done and you've been captivated by someone making plastic cups or conga drums or whatever, you're ready for energy – a calm, cheerful voice that talks about porous 3D materials and digital socks .

SIGGRAPH, which stands for Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, has been around for decades: it’s an annual computer science conference that highlights essentially interesting things that researchers and the tech industry are doing with computers and “interactive techniques”. SIGGRAPH has a games section, but I think the most fun thing is to see recreating everyday and boring things with exhausting details with computer graphics. An Unreal Engine demonstration isn't going to be great on a properly wrinkled digital sweater, but it's a SIGGRAPH demonstration, and it's better for that.

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