Wrestling With Emotions: New Kid on The Block is the wrestler dating simulator I didn't know I needed

Wrestling with emotions: new kid on the block is the wrestler dating simulator i didn't know i needed

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I’ll be honest, big, hairy guys don’t do anything for me, but what excites me is the potential that dating games have more than high school students (or, eh, high school birds), and by extension, I’m pretty excited about Wrestling With Emotions: New Kid on The Block. The "New Boy on the Blog" part is important because it marks this game as a sequel to the micro-dating simulator Wrestling with Emotions, which came out on Itch.io in 2016.

Wrestling With Emotions comes with a character creator called LOL – Look Out Lovers, which allows you to build the perfect montage, an understandably important feature that will return to the sequel. New Kid on The Block seems about to get bigger and better than its predecessor, as although it features "punk graphics and surreal songs in the classic Team Lazerbeam style", it also has a system called MEAT (Muscle, elegance, attitude and theater) so that you rise in level, multiple endings and a story based on the choice in which there is no wrong choice: you will manage to be the best self of your struggle in your romantic adventure "msgstr" a diverse cast of suplex superstars ".

You may already be familiar with Team Lazerbeam's developer Teenage Blob, the half-game half-album made by the team in collaboration with the punk band The Superweaks. James said it cute, silly and funny, and I honestly don't expect or need any less of this game.

For something that isn’t scheduled for release soon, Wrestling with Emotions – New Kid on the Block has a strangely specific release date: it’s currently scheduled for October 31, 2022, and you can list it at Steam now. While I wait, I will play the first game in Itch, and you too.

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