Xbox Cloud Gaming has been implemented for Windows 10 computers

Xbox cloud gaming has been implemented for windows 10 computers

After a prolonged Android exclusivity, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now stream games to the browser on Windows 10 computers. The service went into beta in April, but is now available to all subscribers. of Ultimate, as long as you are in the right region. The United States, the United Kingdom and a handful of European countries are among the 22 countries supported, although the service has not yet been implemented in Australia.

If you are a subscriber, you can go to to access real-time playback in your browser. The service is compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari, and has also been implemented on iOS devices. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $ 15 a month (£ 10.99) / AU $ 14.95), but if you are new, you can get it for A $ 1 / £ 1 / AU $ 1 for the first two months.

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