xQc promises to be more careful after being re-suspended from Twitch

Xqc promises to be more careful after being re-suspended from twitch

Felix Lengyel, better known to the online world as xQc, is one of the largest streamers on Twitch, with over six million followers. Being in that position, I would think I would have a good awareness of the rules and regulations of Twitch. But apparently not, because he has been suspended again, this time, according to Inven Global, to broadcast the Olympics on its channel.

The International Olympic Committee notoriously protects its trademarks: in 2016, for example, the US Olympic Committee sent warning letters to companies that tweet with hashtags like #TeamUSA and # Rio2016, and the current event in Tokyo is no exception. He Manchester Evening News reported that several Twitch streamers have received DMCA bans simply for broadcasting them in public places near an Olympic venue, and now it appears that Lengyel made the mistake of actually watching clips from the Olympics. to its flow.

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“I think I got my live channel with DMCA,” Lengyel explained on Twitter. "I took the necessary precautions and thought it would be fine. I didn't really expect it, but I could have easily avoided it. I'm sorry for everyone involved, including the spectators. I'll be better / smarter next time and I will follow the guidelines more rigorously. "

It’s a rather unexpected explanation from Lengyel, who also apologized for his 2020 suspension spitting currents at Fall Guys, but followed him with "ride like lightning, crash like thunder." This may be related to recent Twitch changes DMCA Guidelines, which now states that streamers that accumulate three warnings for copyright infringement will be considered "repeat infringers" and, as a result, accounts may be permanently deleted.

Lengyel has been suspended from Twitch three times before, but for airing sex, nudity and, uh, nature shows instead of touches of copyright.

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However, you may be trying to be proactive in clearing your record: Attempts to warn of copyright infringement under the policy of repeated infringers are not permanent, but will only be maintained for a period of time. enough for "Twitch to determine if the account holder is committing repeated violations." The determination will also take into account "other relevant factors and circumstances." Expressions of regret and promises to do better are not specifically mentioned in politics, but I guess it can’t hurt.

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