You can buy an official Atari console again if you have lost all respect for yourself

You can buy an official atari console again if you have lost all respect for yourself

After years of delays, the new one The Atari VCS system has been officially launched. What do you mean by not being fascinated by a pretty box with an original low-power Zen embedded CPU for $ 300 or $ 400 with drivers? Pffft kids these days.

Seriously, the only good thing about this is the look. While Atari boasts that the VCS is a "modern hybrid console / PC" machine, the reality is that the Ryzen R1606G processor on which it is based is, by current standards, old and graphically weak, especially at this price. By comparison, and yes, I’m grateful that this isn’t in PC space, the Xbox Series S offers a much more powerful custom Zen 2 CPU, a more rugged GPU, and very fast storage at the same price.

However, I have to love some of the promotional images. I don’t know about you guys, but my kids love using my home theater system to play Pong.

The atari vcs system.

(Image credit: Atari)

Not surprisingly, a company that has tried everything from fantastic hotels to the sale of NFT, has to produce a low-power and expensive device, although to give credit where it is due I guess I do anything during the contemporary shortage of chips is a hit. However, Atari's view of a Linux machine with other games that you can download is unlikely to be persistent in the long run.

If you have the kind of retro nostalgia that the Atari VCS tries to reproduce, because I have a little nerdy lust when looking at the gorgeous walnut version, you’ll be better off build a small retro PC: buy a Raspberry Pi and grab a VCS case imitated on Etsy. I mean, here’s one Engadget article from 2012 explaining how to run Atari 2600 games on the original Raspberry Pi.

Atari, or at least the company it once was, will always have a prominent place in the history of gaming: and the original VCS will always be the first console to really break into the mass market. Unfortunately, this new Atari VCS is unlikely to add much value to this legacy.

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