You can buy more than 200 queer games at the price of a blockbuster

You can buy more than 200 queer games at the price of a blockbuster

He 2021 Queer Game Pack at runs throughout the month of June to specifically drive the work of queer creators and “help nurture our diverse queer arts community”. Package revenue will be evenly distributed among all contributors, where it currently stands at just over $ 50,000 raised during the first week.

With its specific prices and description, the package points out the disparity between the budgets of conventional games and the scale at which small independent creators work.

"If we had a third of the budget for an AAA game, we could give all solo developers a living wage for a year and each team a strong funding boost. Imagine what developers and artists could create. this package in a year if they don’t care about hunger or how to pay rent this month.

Buying the queer game package is a direct action you can take right now to support life-changing queer people, and in return you get over 200 amazing, sincere, fun, and radical games. "

In addition to the games, the package also includes role-playing games and board tools, such as block engine areas, or the Electric Zine Maker, as well as a handful of zines that others have created.

As a standalone showcase, is significant for being explicitly friendly to both LGBT and adult content. Just a month ago, it was described as hosting “offensive and sexualized” content on demand between Epic Games and Apple. This was something took publicly, with a series of joking tweets about making games illegal and renaming their content filter sensitive to "Unspeakable Games", but it was a worrying feeling part of the lawyers of both teams.

You can buy it 2021 queer game package at for $ 60, or the Pay as much as you can it starts at $ 10 for those who need it.

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