You can get Battlefield 4 for free (if you have Prime)

You can get battlefield 4 for free (if you have prime)

The revelation of Battlefield 6 is just around the corner, and ahead of the June 9 presentation, Amazon Prime members can capture a copy of Battlefield 4 for free. From June 1 to 20, you can get a code for the standard edition of the game via Prime Gaming on Twitch. You can only grab a source code (sorry, Steam purists), but hey, it's free.

Battlefield 4 takes place six years after the fictional "War of 2020," though that term feels a little too close to real life right now. Evan gave the game a score of 84 when he reviewed it in 2013, and defined it as a "visually and soundly satisfying and intensely reliable FPS," even if he didn't stray too far from Battlefield 3.

It seems strange to go above and beyond Battlefield 5 in favor of its predecessor, but Battlefield 4 overall had a better reception. It's a great way to attract newcomers to the series or give fans a chance to immerse themselves in an older game. In any case, we hope it keeps people busy long enough for EA to plug all the holes in the Terribly leaked ship that is Battlefield 6.

He has struggled to keep the latest game within reach. While we won’t know anything for sure until it is revealed on June 9, rumors are already revolving around the potential theme of the game and the alleged screenshots circling the net. EA and DICE are still relatively upset about it all, playing the barbarity and apparently thinking a lot about spaghetti.

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