You may be able to upgrade your Steam Deck SSD, but Valve says no

You may be able to upgrade your steam deck ssd, but valve says no

Since it’s just a PC that uses pretty normal PC parts, there have been people crafting hardware hacking ideas for Valve’s next handheld PC, the Steam Deck. Valve has been pretty straightforward that the hardware, despite its fantastic case and control scheme, is just a laptop; Gabe Newell even said you can put Windows and even other game showcases in it if you want.

A Reddit user emailed Gabe Newell with a follow-up question, asking whether the Steam Deck will have a replaceable SSD, allowing users to upgrade the machine’s storage. After all, from a technical standpoint, the only big difference between the three Steam Deck models available for pre-order right now is the storage capacity. Newell responded that the Steam Deck SSD was connected to a 2230 M.2 slot, meaning that it is not soldered to the motherboard or connected in an extremely permanent way.

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